My first PruHealth iPad app

PruHealth AppThe deadlines were tight and the learning curve was steep, very steep, but all in all, the experience was fun and fascinating.

I can certainly say that designing for the iPad is probably the closest I’ve come to designing physical products, which was really what I always wanted to design, studying Industrial Product Design at Coventry Uni.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I had complete control over the presentation – nothing could let me down – no dreaded IE6 (or IE anything for that matter), bandwidth issues, resolution differences, colour variations, the list goes on …

The PruHealth Quote and Apply app is (obviously) a quote and apply app which allows PruHealth insurance brokers to quote in real-time, explain the product and even complete an application on the spot.

The app includes:

  • Individual and SME quoting
  • Hospital finder based on your current GPS location
  • Email, save and retrieve quote
  • Apply through the app for Individual quoting
  • PruHealth product content

Open up iTunes and search for PruHealth. You can download the app, but you will need a username and password to be able to use it.

Matt Bowden

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