Playing with CSS3, Google Analytics and my photos

Stacie BowdenI created a site for my photography called, if you’re using Firefox 3.5 or Safari you’ll see the wonders of the CSS3 @font-face rule. More browsers need to step up, come on Chrome!

I also make use of PNGs (this is old news though) so I can swap out my background image easily.

I can’t take credit for the workings of the POP-ups though, this is all down to Highslide JS. Highslide was great for usability but not so for Google Analytics. I won’t bore you with the details here but I struggled to get the onClick tracking for the thumbnails. So have resorted to using onmouseup to track clicks and onclick to launch the POP-ups. It’s not ideal as I still need to work out how to track when someone uses the left / right controlls. But the way it’s set up now I can tell that the image I’ve used at the top of this post is the most popular.

Next step, get random background images to load up behind the thumbnails.

Matt Bowden

Hi, I'm Matt, I hope you enjoy my small collection of photography and design related bits and pieces.

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