PruHealth joins Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

PruHealthI’ve been editing Vitality¬†(the company I work for) profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn today. Although certainly not the first company to publish themselves onto popular social networking platforms – it’s certainly the first time I get to see what’s going to happen behind the scenes.

I’ll be looking out for:

  • who joins the group, just employees?
  • whether or not this becomes a platform for people to complain about or praise what we do
  • suggestions around how to improve our product
  • referring traffic from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to our site

I’ll keep this post updated with anything interesting that I find, which I can share with you.

Matt Bowden

Hi, I'm Matt, I hope you enjoy my small collection of photography and design related bits and pieces.

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  1. Matt,

    I added twitter follow me and join facebook icons on my site to build subscribers to my mountain biking group.


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