The Fantastic Tavern

The Fantastic TavernWorking within a corporate can get lonely. Not because I am alone (I’m surrounded by great people here at Vitality) but because I’m the only web designer in the building.

When we meet with our digital and traditional agencies I think what it must be like on the ‘other side’, working with different brands and technologies where new sets of challenges presents itself every week.

This is why, when I received an invite from EMC Conchango to attend a Fantastic Tavern event at the George, I lept at the chance.First up was DoubleClick who presented new banner technologies – all of which are in use now. Imagine being able to do a Health Insurance Quote within a banner? Well, now that I’ve seen something similar from DoubleClick I want to do it myself. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to get people to our website in order to complete a quote or research Health Insurance – perhaps we should spend some of those resources talking to our customers whilst they are in the comfort of their preferred webspaces – Facebook for example.

Then EMC Conchango took the stage and I watched Microsoft Surface come to life. Designed by the experts at EMC Conchango and tested by children (yes, really!) – the possibilities seemed endless. I can’t wait for a version which I can roll up and take away with me – but that’s probably a few years off!

I’m certainly looking forward to the next Fantastic Tavern.

Matt Bowden

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